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Our patent pending,multi-use Magnetic Fashion Clips are designed for a quick and easy application
without poking holes through your clothes.   Classy Clips can be  applied to Scarves, T's, Dresses & Tank Tops to customize into  designer looks. 

You may also use your clips as a Button, a Sunglass/Eyeglass Holder, a Beverage Marker, Cufflinks & more!

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 Shop our Online Boutique & choose from an array of designs with pairing bracelets!  

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 Classy  Clips make for a perfect gift catering to ladies of all ages.  Each  pair comes complete  with a how to brochure and a handy travel pouch!



Classy Clips are Handcraft in the USA and nickle free with a 1 year warranty. 

 In stock products ship in 24 hours.